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Are you one of many seminary students across the country who would like to expand your knowledge and learn more about rural church ministry? If you’re seeking superior specialty training in your field, it’s time to find out more about the TACT Program!

The TACT Program: How It Benefits Seminary Students

The Town and Country Training Program (or TACT Program) takes place within a rural facility on the outskirts of town. Seminary students participate in inspirational projects and take top-quality coursework within the umbrella of TACT. The primary goal of the program is to prepare students for becoming pastors in small towns and rural churches. In addition, each course seeks to provide students with in-depth knowledge surrounding rural American life.

The TACT program has been hailed by seminary students and pastors alike as one of the most impactful programs of its kind. This reputation is largely due to its incredible faculty, top-level training, and highly immersive quality.

Seminary students across the nation are electing to enroll in the TACT program. Considering that many graduates begin their pastoring careers in rural areas, this type of program has been deemed invaluable, and TACT is truly the cream of the crop!

About Rural Home Missionary Association

The Rural Home Missionary Association began in 1942, when Rev. C.J. Rediger was the pastor at a church in Central Illinois. Rediger witnessed firsthand the transition of the American population from rural areas to cities. He began to realize the importance of improving the declining spiritual health of the rural church. Thus, the Rural Home Missionary Association (or RHMA) was born!

Today, RHMA has a widespread impact on communities and students across the U.S.

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