Town and Country Training

Town and Country Training

If you’re ready to become a leading figure in rural ministry, it’s time to learn more about the TACT program.

The Town and Country Training Program (TACT)

Did you know the Town and Country Training program (or TACT Program) is one of the most meaningful and enriching programs of its kind?

Every year, students enroll in the TACT Program to learn more about pastoring in rural America. Most pastors begin their careers in small-town churches, but few are trained for it when they graduate. That’s why our program solely takes place within a rural facility, and all classes are on-site. Students participate in high quality courses and projects, and they will attain a coveted certification. With the completion of the TACT program, students acquire valuable rural ministry knowledge. Not only this, but TACT graduates are the most credible pastors within the field of rural ministry.

Many students across the nation are electing to enroll in the TACT program. Rural America has a true need for pastors, and the Town and Country Training Program is truly the best resource for rural ministry expertise!

About Rural Home Missionary Association

In 1942, the Rural Home Missionary Association was born when Rev. C.J. Rediger began to realize the importance of the rural church. As a pastor in a small town in Illinois, he had been uniquely privy to the innerworkings of the rural church. At a pivotal time in our history, Rev. Rediger was one of the only Christian leaders to seek to do something about the rural church’s decline.

Today, the RHMA’s primary focus continues to be strengthening churches in small towns across America. We conduct several conferences, workshops, and seminars, all dedicated to our mission!

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Here at RHMA, we have a variety of rich opportunities to share with you. In addition to the TACT Program, we offer books, videos, and other vital resources. Contact us today to learn more!

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