Cultural Immersion

Cultural Immersion

A key part of the Town and Country Training Program (for students who are here in-person) is “cultural immersion.” Rather than just talking about the Town and Country culture of rural America, students in the TACT Program are placed right in the cultural context. The entire course is taught in a facility on the edge of a small town surrounded by patches of woods and grain fields. In the “Ministering in the Town and Country Church” class, for example, when learning about the interactions of church and farm life, the class will be conducted in a barn, machine shed, or feedlot where students see, feel, and smell the topic, not just hear or read about it. Students visit town and country contexts, talking and eating with the folks who actually live, work, and attend church there.


The most valuable aspect of the TACT course was the immersion in rural culture. Placing the education in context was essential and valuable beyond measure.

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