All Students:

While participating on-site, students are expected to adhere to the conduct policies of the student handbook or covenant of their own institution, as well as the TACT Program student conduct policies. In the event of a conflict between the policies of the student’s institution and the TACT Program student conduct policies, the TACT policies will apply while the student is resident for the week(s) of class.

NOTE: All students must sign a form indicating their agreement and willingness to abide by the student conduct policies and procedures.



The theology of rural ministry was profound for me.

Seminary Students:

Students register through their school, usually in one of two ways.

  1. Some institutions assign a course number to each TACT Program course. In this case, the student would register for the course just like any other course at that institution.
  2. Other institutions treat the TACT Program as an independent study course, after consultation with their Field Chair, Dean, or Registrar.

NOTE: In addition to registering through your school, students need to complete RHMA’s registration form.



Those not taking for credit:

A limited number of seats in the summer courses are open to those who want the information but not the credit. Register for these courses by clicking on the same form above. There will be a line on which to indicate your intention to audit.

Group Registration:

Denominational leaders wishing to register groups may contact the TACT Program office at or
1-866-263-2350 for information on group registrations.

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