Denominational Leaders

New to the Town and Country Context?

As a denominational leader, are you new to the town and country context, or do you need to provide pastoral training for others under your supervision who are?


For Individuals

In addition to training for academic credit, the TACT Program also offers the course “Ministering in a Town and Country Context” in a not-for-credit format. Books are recommended but not required and there are no writing assignments. This course will help jump-start the ministries of pastors and leaders who are academically trained but not familiar with the culture of small-town America. Whether you want training for yourself to pass on to those you supervise, or want to send a new pastor from one of your town and country congregations, this course will help connect academic training with contextual understanding.

This course is offered in Morton, Illinois, on a periodic basis.


The principles taught here would be of benefit for any ministry, not just rural.

For Groups

The course may also be offered at a site convenient for pastors from a district or region, if a sufficient number of participants is guaranteed.

Continuing Education Credit

Continuing Education Credits can be arranged in consultation with denominational offices.

Denominational leaders and judicatory officials are encouraged to contact the TACT Program Administrator at or 1-866-263-2350 for more information.

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