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“Before the class, all I could see were the limitations; after, all I could see were the opportunities.”

“I would strongly recommend the class be continued at our seminary because, like us, many students do not know where they will end up. Turns out, we are now surrounded by corn fields.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the TACT class. Aside from the fact that it’s the only time in seminary that I’ll get credit for shooting shotguns, it did an excellent job of putting flesh on all of our talk about missional engagement.”

“The TACT course was one of the most important and impactful courses I have ever taken throughout 150-plus graduate semester hours and two degrees.”

“This class opened up a whole new set of options as far as career direction. I never would have considered working in a small town.”

“I certainly had plenty of courses on how to reach specific populations (inner city, Central/South America, etc.) but not a whisper of the communities I enter with just a 30-minute drive west, south, or east of the school.”

“It is common for seminary students to be subliminally and sometimes quite obviously encouraged to pursue work at large megachurches or trendy urban churches. After all, these are the pastors who get book deals and speak at conferences. This course taught that there is value, honor, and kingdom importance in serving the forgotten flyover country.”

“Had it not been for this course, I doubt I would have given rural ministry even five seconds of thought.”

“I had more stereotypes about small-town people than I realized. This class brought me face to face with just how wrong I was about them.”

“It was one of the most practical courses I took in seminary.”

“Surprisingly, this had a profound impact on my ministry plans. Modern evangelical education seems to gravitate toward urban and suburban settings. I had no idea how impactful ministry could be in rural settings.”

“When I finished the class, I knew without a doubt that small-town ministry was what I was called to do.”

“By the end of the class we were saturated with the culture. The cultural immersion experiences were a blast!”

“I would recommend the class strongly, especially to those students who haven’t lived in rural areas before.”

“I am currently ministering to college students. Many come from rural places. Having grown up in the city, I didn’t know much about their lifestyle, but because of TACT I know a lot more than I did before and can relate with them as they are adjusting to living in the city.”

“It’s one thing to talk about exegeting a culture but quite another to find yourself in a culture very different than your own and have a guide show you what to look for and why.”

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